Traveling Expenses Report Manual


This ist the Traveling Expenses Report manual. The Traveling Expenses Report is an app for Confluence you can purchase at the Atlassian Marketplace.

First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing our Traveling Expenses Report app.
The Traveling Expenses Report App for Confluence is built in the way that no instruction is necessary to use it. The design is oriented at a minimalistic style. The functions are either self-explanatory or followed by further information. Default settings are made based on German law and don’t have to be configured. This App is ready to be used!

Nevertheless, we want you to have a document where you can look up for specific steps, just to be sure and to feel comfortable.
This document contains all the important settings and adjustments of the Traveling Expenses Report App for Confluence. It refers to all who uses the App for the first time or who wants to look up specific steps.




•  System Requirements
•  What the Traveling Expenses Report app is made for
•  Set up and configure the app (only for Confluence administrators)
•  The 5 steps to create your travel expenses report
•  Mandatory and optional input fields


System Requirements

Works with Confluence (Server) version 6.0.1 or greater and Confluence Cloud instances


What the Traveling Expenses Report app is made for

The App allows you to create travel expense reports easy and rapidly. Just use it like a Confluence blueprint. The instructions will guide you smoothly through the template in a series of well-defined steps. The user interface is clean and straightforward the same as the output at the end. After you’ve completed the wizard, your result will be a well-designed confluence page, ready to export and print.
This Confluence App is useful whether you seldom or often need to hand in traveling expenses reports.

In the first case, you don’t have to look up what you are entitled to, what data you have to fill in, and which are mandatory. You don’t need a second sheet as an attachment reading the instruction how you fill in the formula.
If you often travel for work our wizard simplifies and accelerates your tiresome paperwork.


Set up and configure the app (only for Confluence administrators)

You can add the Traveling Expenses Report app via the Atlassian Marketplace. Open your Confluence web application and navigate to the administrator settings by clicking on your avatar icon top right corner. In the context menu, you will find the list-item Atlassian Marketplace. There you can search for the “Traveling Expenses Report” app.

If you have granted the needed permission (right), you can install the app and change some configuration in the backend.


The values for the fields in the settings can be found in the current legal regulations of your country. If you changed some of them by accident and saved them, don’t worry, A click on reset restores the standard values for Germany.


The 5 steps to create your travel expenses report

You can create a traveling expenses report in any space and directory you have access to. Just go to the directory where you want to save the report and click right next to the create button. In the pop-up window, you can select the Traveling Expenses Report app (the migrant bird icon).
At the end, the report will be saved exactly where you are located.
After the welcoming screen, you will be guided through the relevant dialog box.

Step 1 – General Information

The input field with the name label is getting filled in automatically with the user name who is currently logged in. However, you can change the input as you like it.
In the first dialog box, every input field is mandatory. When you are done, go to the next step by clicking Next. You can go back any time to change the input you have made. Please note: If you close the window your progress will not be saved!
After your last step, an overview of your report is getting shown.

Step 2 – Travel Costs

Chose the mean of transportation you have used for your business trip. If you select “Car” via the dropdown menu, you can type in the distance you have driven. The distance you typed in will then multiplied by the amount legitimately due based on German law.

Step 3 – Cost for overnight accommodation

Please note: You can skip this page.
Chose the type of stay. If you select flat rate, you get 60 Euro for each night added to your amount at the end. At step 1, you will find an input field to add the name of the accommodation invoice you need to attach.

Step 4 – Food costs

The app automatically calculates the number of days from the date picker you have used at step 1.
If breakfast, lunch or dinner was included in the invoice of your accommodation location, you must select the relevant cost items for each day. The costs will be deducted from your flat rate you due based on German law.

Step 5 – Additional costs

Just add as many costs you had as you have to.


Mandatory and optional Input fields

Some of the input fields are mandatory. If you ignore them or enter values that doesn’t make sense (more breakfasts than days, you have spent), you aren’t allowed to move on. In this case, you get an error sign next to the relevant input field.


If you have any furher questions we could not answer in this document, please do not hesitate to contact in[at]

You can download the Traveling Expenses Report Manual by clicking here.